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Hello, Emma Watsgin!

We're back from our Spring Vacation! We have so much to catch up on including Emma Watson's gin, Guardians of the Galaxy trauma, the Star Wars Hotel debacle, WGA is on strike and much more!  Please subscribe, rate and review! You can find us on...

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Encore Presentation: Bound and Determined

We talk to Craig Hepworth from the Vertigo Theatre in the UK about his new stage adaptation of the queer noir classic, Bound. Plus Wendy shares her thoughts on the new Sarah Shahi vehicle, Black Adam (co-starring that former wrestler dude). This...

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Encore Presentation: Warrior Nun's Kristina Tonteri-Young

We had the pleasure of chatting with @tonteriyoung from #WarriorNun this week! Catarina made her grand debut and tried to (literally) steal the show. From road trips to #Avatrice first dates and a lot of randomness in between! Listen Now at (Video...

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Bonus Mail Sack and A Shoe Horned Mini Sack

Our Mail Sack is so big! How big is it? I'm so glad you asked. It's so big that our Mail Sack has a Mail Sack.  Please subscribe, rate and review! You can find us on Instagram @shenerdsoutpodcast, on Twitter @SNOPodcast and Facebook. You can send...

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Happy 200th with Kat Barrell

Looks like we made it to 200 episodes! Holy crap! And who better to help us celebrate than the one and only Kat Barrell! Kat talks about directing, her next projects and how much she's looking forward to having a Hot Earp Summer! Plus we have a Mail...

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Bonus Mail Sack: Wendy Is Iron Man

Wendy and Tara tell us about their latest trip to Disney's California Adventure then we jump into the Mail Sack - where we are immediately roasted by AK. What's better than that? Please subscribe, rate and review! You can find us on Instagram...

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Hot Girl Summer with Kyana Teresa

It's our 199th episode and we are so excited to welcome Kyana Teresa back on the SNOP! She talks about her experiences at FanFusionUK and with Earp Curse Con. She also talks about what it's like to be directed by Kat Barrell and you know we put her in...

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April 18, 2023

SNOP In My Backyard

SNOP In My Backyard

We're coming to you live from Burbank! We have Nerd News, a Mail Sack, a List To Tear Apart and a Taste Test! Wow! Plus one of us is in the SNOP Seat!  Please subscribe, rate and review! You can find us on Instagram @shenerdsoutpodcast, on...

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About the Hosts

Wendy WoodyProfile Photo

Wendy Woody


Wendy's parents forced her to see Star Wars in the theater when she was 9 years old. And thank goodness they did, because it shaped her into the nerd she is today. Her love of Star Wars led her to filmmaking, where she started by making Star Wars fan films. Turns out, she was pretty good at it, and won the 2004 Lucasfilm Star Wars Fan Film Award at San Diego Comic Con.

Her nerdy journey has also included a deep love for X-Files, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Person of Interest.

Wendy works as a news director at the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, and has worked in television for over 20 years. She's also a member of the Director's Guild of America (DGA), just like her favorite director, Steven Spielberg!

Tara ChadwickProfile Photo

Tara Chadwick


Tara's queer nerding out began early. While other girls wanted to play with Barbie's, Tara wanted to watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Even then she thought to herself, "do I want to BE the pink power ranger, or be WITH the pink power ranger?" Turns out, a little of both!

Her love for sci-fi, fantasy, and action-adventure films and tv grew over time, until it could only be contained in a queer, nerdy podcast. Whether it's classics like Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Xena, or more recent favorites like Wynonna Earp and Warrior Nun, Tara is here for it.

Tara has worked as a video editor and filmmaker in Los Angeles for over ten years, works at a hospital just like Meredith Grey (have you heard?), and currently lives with her two cats and giant dog/moose, Charley.

Cat CriminsProfile Photo

Cat Crimins


Cat has been nerding out since she was a kid. She fell in love with genre the first time she watched Star Wars after her brother rented it at the local video store in 1982. Her first fandom experience was with Xena: Warrior Princess. She became fully immersed in the fandom culture, even MC'ing for Lucy Lawless during her run of performances at The Roxy Theatre.

She's moderated panels for the Wynonna Earp fandom and loves talking about all things queer and nerdy. Cat has worked in the film and television industry for over two decades and currently works in TV as a Post Production Producer.