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Xenites & Bowels & more, oh my!

after quite a few years out of the loop, I am trying to catch up with what friends have been up to and I finally started binging ur podcasts! You all owe me a roll of paper towels for how much I spewed my beverage on my first 5 minutes learning abt bowel movements! Boy I’ve missed y’all! Suegee ur NYer

Snoptastic podcast

Nerds rule the world and these three will keep you laughing while also keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest. Keep it up!

We Nerds LOVE She Nerds!

Wendy, Tara, and Cat are the kids I would have loved sitting with at the school lunch table ... seriously and hilariously discussing nerdy news, the latest apropos movies and TV shows, gushing over queer characters and celebrity crushes, and sharing a wonderful and witty camraderie. I look forward to spending every Tuesday commute with them as they offer up their crazy antics and thoughtful commentary, as well as a space for fellow she nerds to reach out and connect. And getting awesome guest stars on the show is just rainbow icing on the cake. #SNOPtart

A Hoot and a Holler!

This podcast keeps me smiling and laughing out loud even when not appropriate places! I’ve been listening for a hot minute and still dance to the addicting jingle to start this podcast! Give this a listen if you want to smile, be in the nerd know, and so much more!

SNOP is the best!

Cat, Tara, and Wendy are hilarious and fun. It’s a delight to bask in their nerdiness. I seriously doubt you’ll be able to listen to their awesome theme song without wanting to hang out with them.

Belly Laughs

The best part of my morning commute. Keep up the great work. Sorry, I still can’t tell the voices of Tara and Wendy apart.


Great podcast! I’ve been listening for over a year and every episode is funny, informative, and a safe place for all nerds. They’ve had interviews with Kat Barrell, Lucy Lawless, and Amy Acker among others. If you haven’t listened yet, you are missing out.

Better than tacos

The best thing to happen to Tuesdays since the invention of tacos. Subscribe to this podcast for weekly infusions of joy.

SNOP tarts <3

I love everything about this podcast. Literally everything. I love diving into that sack with you guys and listening to peoples stories. I watched Xena because of you guys! Xena and Gabrielle were endgame. I love when you talk all things Earp and I love the way Wendy rants. Love you, awesome nerds! Xoxo

Love it!!

I just found this podcast and have only listened to a few of the most recent episodes, but I will be going back and listening to many MANY more! You guys are so much fun to listen to, and it really feels like I’m hanging out with friends. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Inclusive and nerdy!!

I've been listening for a year now. Found them with Wynonna Earp and stayed because of their sense of humor and great banter. They have loyal fans and tons of great movie and tv show reviews, updates, and recommendations. Through lockdown, I've watched more tv than ever and thanks to their recommendations, I've been intrigued, challenged, and happy with being stuck inside. Congrats on 100 and hoping for 100 more

Such a riot

Just found this podcast (because of Kat Barrell & Wynonna Earp I admit it) and it’s fantastic! The chemistry is wonderful, the banter back & forth between the podcasters is just hysterical and to say it’s entertaining is an understatement. Sooooo glad I found you!

Great show!

Just discovered this podcast last week and LOVE it. Listened to the last few weeks episodes for the Wynonna Earp content but enjoyed the podcasters so much, I’m starting at the beginning to binge all the episodes! I drive around all day for work, I feel like I’ve found new friends to talk about all the nerdy stuff my irl friends aren’t interested in! Thank you, ladies!!

Where You Go, I Go

Love where you’ve led us so far and happy to be following! Great interviews (Lucy and Renee!!!), varied genres (Grey’s Anatomy one week, Snyder cut the next), funny hosts, and queer perspective! Not much more you could ask for! Battle On Cat, Wendy, and Tara!

Really Enjoy the Podcast

Straight woman here who loves the podcast! Interesting topics and three great personalities who are easy to listen to. All three of you are smart, funny, and likable, but I’ve got a small complaint. I know you’re a freewheeling podcast, but could you guys try not to all talk at once so often? Sometimes when you get excited, it’s impossible to make out what you’re saying and it’s annoying, plus I hate missing what’s being said. Other than that, no complaints. You guys are an informative blast!

All-around Awesomeness

If you like nerdy stuff, you will love this podcast. The hosts are funny and they talk about everything I love. And they have a super cool theme song. Girls who like girls who like nerdy things? These are my people! So glad I found this podcast. Give it a listen - you won’t regret it!


This podcast is so great! Brings out my inner nerd to enjoy all the discussions and fan theories!

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Done. Done. Been Done! Fantastic show and I agree with loving the theme song. I can’t help but to sing it every time! Love y’all, True (@MelTrue7)

Great podcast, great hosts

Stars and words. ;)


I absolutely adore this podcast!! The hosts are charismatic, hilarious, and their voices are like smooth velvet. Quality nerd talk, including my fave, Xena!! Love the She Nerds!!!

This Podcast Is Amazing!

This podcast is exactly for someone like me! I initially found it because of Wynonna Earp, but they talk about EVERY nerdy interest of mine! Great content! Keep it up y’all!

Love this podcast so much!

Love this wonderful podcast! I'ts so much fun! And hilarious and informative. They talk about all the things I love, like all of them. And the interviews are really awesome. They get interviews with people that I definitely want to know more about like Amy Acker and Paul Campbell. HUGE kudos!

Love this Podcast.

Loving the bonus Wynonna Earp episodes. I too was speechless for days after “the scene” in 402. Keep up the great nerd conversations.

awesome nerdy podcast!

love this podcast so much!!! it’s so fun to listen to and have someone who understands everything nerdy when friends just don’t understand sometimes. big thank you to cat, wendy, & tara!!

I love this podcast!

I wish I had nerdy friends like them but I don’t. This podcast makes me feel like I’m not alone. Love it!

A fun nerdy listen!

It’s like hanging out with my nerdy friends!